Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day?

I am not a Valentine's Day person. I neither love nor hate the holiday. It's just that I'm a Halloween and 4th of July kind of girl. Those holidays make sense to me. One lets you dress up in costume and eat a bunch of candy and the other calls for sitting outside all day drinking and eating hamburgers.
Valentine's Day ranks up there with New Year's Eve on overrated holidays that I feel indifferent toward. It creates a self-imposed pressure that results in spending a lot of money in the hopes of getting laid. I see girls overdressed meeting up with guys in t-shirts and dirty jeans. I see men crowded around a wilted flower display in Rite-aid looking to pick up what they need to keep that special lady in their life from crying.
I find it fascinating that people can actually hate Valentine's Day too. I've worked in offices where V-Day is an annual bitch-fest about how no one understands them, no one will ever love them, they didn't want a date anyway 'cause this day is just a scam for Godiva to sell chocolates. These complainers put as much effort into the day as those who base their worth on the size of a heart-shaped box they receive from some duesh they went out with twice. To ride so much on a holiday like this is beyond my romantically deprived mind.
I neither condemn or applaud Valentine's Day. But I do find some value in it because it inspired me to make some mini-cakes that turned out to be quite possibly the best dessert ever produced in my kitchen. They are tiny little bites of lust.

Lust Bites
Disclaimer: Okay fine, i used a boxed mix and pre-made frosting. Get over it already! Who are you to judge!

Red Velvet cake mix
1 can premium cream cheese frosting
semi sweet chocolate chips
milk chocolate chips
white chocolate chips

1. Bake the cake according to the directions (I always use buttermilk in place of water and add a little vanilla)
2. After cake is cool crumble into a large bowl and add frosting
3. mix cake and frosting until well combined
4. Roll into balls or form squares
5. chill your balls for a a few hours
6. Melt semi sweet or milk chocolate in double boiler
7. dip your balls in it (I used an offset spatula to smooth out the top and make sure all sides were covered)
8. let chocolate harden
9. melt white chocolate and use to decorate

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