Monday, February 16, 2009

craft of the day.

Apparently this past weekend i took some craft crack. I have a new found energy and I am ready to let it explode in your face.

First Stop-exploding brick book ends.

For when you need to hold up books... or other objects similar to books.
* grab some bricks from the pile in your backyard. If you do not have a pile of bricks in your back yard, ask a neighbor.
* wrap bricks in foil or saran wrap to keep all the bugs that are living inside trapped there.

* wrap bricks in decorative wall paper or wrapping paper that has been sitting in your closet waiting to be used for some time.

* put on shelf with books in between.

*these bookends are exploding only because according to nick they were made using exploding bricks, opposed to the bricks treated to not explode.

1 comment:

Monsieur Fun said...

These bricks look kind of like bombs. I hope they aren't bombs, because I like you and do not want you to die.