Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Sometimes working from home can make you feel like you are living a boring life. Because of this you may find yourself accepting invitations to do about anything. One minute I was baking sugar cookies and before I knew it I was piling into a minivan with eight 21 year olds heading to Bareaoke. Yes, Bareoke. This is not karaoke based on Barry Manaloe nor is it karaoke at a lodge with bears hanging on the wall...it is BARE- AOKE. As in karaoke sung while strippers gyrate on the stage to your song.

The club, the Tennyson Lodge, is run by a mother, daughter and their dog. It is beyond anything you can imagine. The dancers are well passed their prime as evidenced by the knee braces and potbellys. Dj Marty and his metal head friends rule the place along with college kids and middle aged couples looking to put some spice into their relationship.

This is one of those things you have to experience to truly understand. Just do not invite me to come along, I think once was enough.

Top 5 most awkward Song Choices for Bare-aoke

Lightning Crashes- LIVE
Runaway Train- Soul Asylum
We Built this City- Jefferson Starship
Mr. Roboto- Styx

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