Tuesday, March 24, 2009


The First Ever Unexpected Housewife Contest!
Do you want to come for dinner with The Unexpected Housewife? Now is your chance. The lucky winner and a guest will be treated to a home cooked Housewife meal.  After the meal the guest will be asked to review the dishes and I will post the review right here for you to read. How narcissistic can I get!

How to enter:
Leave a comment telling me about your favorite foods and a food you would like to try.
The lucky winner will be chosen at random (out of a hat) and will be invited over for Dinner. 

Entries received from 3-18-09 until 4-06-09 will be eligible. All entries must be original. Participants must be 21 or over and be legal resident of the United States. Transportation will be the responsibility of the winner. Overnight accommodations will be provided upon request. 
By entering you are agreeing to allow your image to appear on the Unexpected Housewife blog. The winner will also be required to deliver a review of the meal within 48 hours of dining. No fat chicks please. 
Winners will be announced on this blog on 4-07-09.

One grand Prize winner will receive a 3 course meal prepared by The Unexpected Housewife. Meal will include beverages. (Value $178.45) Overnight accommodations available at winners request. (Value $129.00). Doggie bag of any leftover food. (Value $17.95).
3 runner up winners will receive a very special Unexpected Housewife gift in the mail. 


Tina T. said...

We are so entering the contest! :)
To answer your question, "What are you favorite foods?" - I love anything besides fish and as for Nick, I think he might be Tim's son b/c it sounds like their eating habits are identical. Nick likes meat, potatoes, and cheese, and would like to try foods that don't suck.
If our name gets picked, it will be challenge! :)

BNAC said...

I love breakfast food. I could eat eggs (in any variety), toast, pancakes, cheese, hashbrowns, even cereal at any given moment. I love the hell out of breakfast buffets.
I also pretty much enjoy spicy shrimp in every imaginable situation. I had it for breakfast last weekend.

Things I've never had but that interest me:
-Sushi: I've KIND of had it once or twice...but it was like Giant Eagle variety...so I don't count it.
-Indian Food (of any variety)
-Scrapple (pork and cornmeal breakfast thats big in PA apparanly)

tim said...

Intriguing contest, Unexpected House Wife (if that is your actual name) ((I have my doubts))

The food I would most like to try is, of course, nature’s deadliest game...man. Yes, I have not yet had the pleasure of dinning on the flesh of even a small human, and I relish the opportunity (with a curiously sexual ferocity.)

If you are not brave enough to indulge me, then I do have a second choice for unlike you, I believe in the hopes and dreams of our didease-ridden, bravely slutty sisters of the North. Any kind of dinosaur meat would also satiate my palette. I prefer the musky gamey taste of brontosaurus, possibly with some Twizzlers, tikka masala sauce and blue cheese crumbles.

The gauntlet has been thrown down! Will you pick it up, dust it off and hand it back to me saying, “Here, you handsome so-and-so: here is the gauntlet you dropped.”? Or will you slink away like one of those household slinkys, slinking slinkily through the night, as they oft do?

Keep your eyes on the stars, and remember: when you stare it to the abyss, it stares back into you. SPRING BREAK!

Steve Jones - from parts unknown

Monsieur Fun said...

Favorite food: hair pie. Food I would like to try: Legos. Food I would like you to try: Guitar Hero 2.

Anonymous said...

I ran across your blog while searching for Pittsburgh-themed blogs. I just moved into the city from Connellsville - blah :{. I like your blog. Great cooking tips and kool stories!! This contest sounds totally awesome. I'd like to enter.

My favorite food is definitely mozarella sticks ... mmmmm!!!
A food that I would like to try is something fancy cooked by someone from a show like Hell's Kitchen. Maybe swordfish, but I think it might FREAK me out! That show is soooo crazy, and the host is sooooo mean. I bet that I would cry if he yelled at me. :.)...

Anyway, even I do not win the contest, we should hang out together at that bacon night thing! That would be pretty kool.

Please pick me (and I do not need overnight accomodations because I live in "the P-burgh" = yeah)

Tammy "Dee" Jadzinski

call me sometime at 412-448-6891 or I can just email you


Lucia Page said...
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Anonymous said...

Have I won ... or are you announcing the winner later? Maybe you should have a second place prize - like hanging out for cocktails at the abode of the "unexpected hw"!!


p.s. What is your phone number?

p.s.s. I'll call you so we can chill sometime!! :}

The Unexpected Housewife said...

Hi Tammy-
I tried to call you but think I had the wrong phone number...are you sure it was right?
E-mail me at theunexpectedhousewife@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hey "UH"!!!

Thanks for trying to call. It has just been nuts right now. DRAMA! I just switched phones - Verizon ... blah:<

I'll just give you a call when I get the new minutes plan. What is your number?