Wednesday, April 22, 2009

the breast cake in the world!

In the last year I have found myself invited to two bachelor parties, I hope this is a growing trend because I had a blast at both. In an effort to get myself invited more often I have been arriving with erotic cakes. Nothing goes better with a night of debauchery on a bus than a red velvet titty cake!!

Stay tuned for more erotic cake creations!


Anonymous said...

Yo. I love the cakes. Very, very, very very kool! Now that the weather will be getting toasty - yeah! - would you want to organize an outing to a Pirates game for the UH readers? That would be great, especially since pirates are all over the news now; not just baseball - Yikes!

Dee or Tammy (since that is the name you used).

Call me at work - (412) 343-6855.

Laurie said...

Can you teach me how to make one? I'd like to follow in your footsteps of erotic cake making skills.